1A; The Creation of regional self-help groups to combat the unemployment caused by Covid-19.

1B: Covid-19 has created a set of circumstances of which increase in unemployment and decrease in governmental finances are unavoidable. In addition, it is fair to assume that governmental support for risky Start-Ups will disappear altogether. One possible advantageous outcome could be the realization that we cannot rely on central government to solve all our problems and it is up to us to help ourselves. We need new enterprises and new employers. In short, we need Start-Ups.

1. Let us create new regional funds for the specific purpose of lending money to those risky Start-Ups which show promise of being employers and help them to establish themselves.

2. The money would be invested (or deposited) in the Regional-Fund by ordinary people, by local businesses, banks, local authorities and any other elements in the local society who care about their region.

3. The promotion of the scheme and its administration should be undertaken by the regional mayors despite the fact that it wasn‚’t their idea in the first place. Getting the scheme off the ground and running it, will give meaning to their job. 4. The detailed day-to-day running of the fund should be undertaken by local retired experienced volunteers whose expertise in running businesses, banking, accountancy and all other aspects of starting and running a myriad of businesses would be invaluable to the new entrepreneurs. The fund should not be solely about finance. 5. We, in the North-East rejected Devolution, ‚’One-North-East‚’ and the role of a regional mayor but no-one has suggested alternatives and I wouldn‚’t be surprised to learn that other regions feel the same. Covid-19 taught us to rely first and mostly on ourselves rather than on a ‚’Nanny State‚’. And the consequences of




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