21st Century Conscription

A Caring Conscription – as in National Service. Give young adults a start in life with plenty of choice to ensure that they are all contributing to society. Give them responsibilities that they can be proud of.

After school or University, unemployment should not be an option. If young adults haven’t something tangible to move on to, they should be enlisted for National Service and learn key skills.

For the 21st Century, Conscription should provide them with a choice.

The NHS could gain a whole workforce to train up. As could our social services.

We should include the option of our Army, Navy and Air Force. We can look to English Heritage, the National Trust and Farming to have more people conserve, preserve and plant trees.

We could even revamp the BBC and turn it into a world-class youth-focussed media covering local journalism and helping provide resources to local newspapers. Change it to a training organisation that feeds talent into the commercial world. It can become the University of drama, film-making, journalism and online skills.

I am seeing young adults as an asset to society that should not be wasted on the dole. Instead, they can learn from their time in National Service and contribute to society. Just like others going to University, it should be a rewarding experience for them and a benefit to Britain.

Let’s take time to think through our needs and join some dots!




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