A fresh start for commuters, improve the nation’s health and lower carbon emissions

Any break with routine presents the opportunity to examine ways of life that have previously been considered ‘normal’. The requirement to work from home has caused many people to question the sense in commuting. At the same time, the virus has brought home the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle (obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc) and has even encouraged some to get fit, whether to mititgate the effects of COVID-19, should they be unfortunate enough to catch it, or perhaps as a way to better use the time they now have on their hands. Of course, humans are creatures of habit, and many will revert to their old ways if and when the pandemic is over, but does this present an opportunity to encourage an entire generation to start as they mean to go on? Can we use this break with commuting to start a revolution in the way the British use their roads? Should another pandemic strike, could we be a healthier country? Can the drop in emissions and air pollution become a permanent feature?




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