A rise in the use of online resources for work – an opportunity.

Throughout the course of Covid-19 and our national lockdown many of us have experienced some form of online work or school. For many it was something we had to endure, a lesser form of learning and work. However, I believe that if refined, it can overtake physical work especially. Consider the office space: Many people work individually in cubicles only to socialise when passing papers and during lunch. This form of work can be streamlined through the use of online work. This has been demonstrated throughout lockdown, with some preferring the flexibility and comfort of working at home. However, a key factor that is left out is socialising. Though many thought that talking online is a good replacement to meeting physically, after 2 weeks many were proven wrong. Therefore, when streamlining this work form this should be considered. Also, consider the office building itself. Remove some or all office buildings and businesses are saving more money and thus generating more income, income that can be put into the economy and thus benefit the country. Of course, there are still problems that must be addressed but it should still be considered as a powerful alternative to physical workplaces. Workers would not need to commute to and from work, removing a strain in public transport and helping the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions released into our already polluted atmosphere. This would also have a positive effect on others driving; the removal of a large chunk of drivers would make the roads cleaner and safer. In conclusion, though with many problems currently, research into ‘online work’ could prove beneficial for those involved and especially beneficial to the economy and country.




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