Accept and plan for human death as a natural part in combating Global Warming

As intelligent humans we are now totally aware that our recent actions are damaging our future on this planet. However we seem incapable of reacting to the threat other than in vague long-term assurances to each other which fail to urgently address the core problem.

Human- beings have become an infestation on the planet. They and their activities have totally caused the current warming problem.

We have come to a situation when individual human life is completely over-valued in the so-called ‚’developed countries‚’. We have lost all sense of individual responsibilities, are blindly over-emphasising our perceived rights and are confused as to the role of religious beliefs.

We seem to believe , contrary to all historical evidence, that a human exists without making any call on the planets resources. We have for centuries assumed there is a ‚’dump‚’ somewhere into which the poisons and waste generated from our ‚’progressive inventions‚’ can be poured without consequences. We are for ever bleating that ‚’lessons have been learnt‚’ ,and, as demonstrated by our recent dumping of waste in space, we never learn!

Luckily for us, along has come Covid, which thins out the human population in the same natural way as wolves do to caribou herds. It is an immediate aid in the one area that we hesitate to talk about, and its benefit is magnified by our own reaction to it‚’. curtailing damaging economic activities in a vain fight to overcome it with our medical science.

Covid has forced us to bring death back into our daily consciousness . Let us grasp the nettle and keep it there.

There once was a planet called Earth,

on which billions of life-forms gave birth.

But human infestation

and de-forestation ……………………………..destroyed it!

Do we really want this to be our epitaph?




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