ACCEPTANCE the biggest drawback.

The biggest challenge for us during this pandemic was to ACCEPT. To accept the fact that humans have to change themselves. We were forced to recall all those methods which we have forgotten. I will be discussing the most important challenge, to accept that we are on a wrong path. Yes, we have technologies and great progress in science, but the most important thing is to have self-technology. Which means first we have to develop the in-built technologies of our body. We have to understand the fact that, whatever advanced technology we will make, it will be useless until we first develop ourselves. I will be presenting my views through points. 1) There was a great lac of acceptance among people that they have to be SERIOUS about this pandemic situation. And this was the only reason that this COVID-19 got out of control. 2) We were mostly UNAWARE about the methods and ways to have a better immune system. That is what to eat and what not to eat. And this pandemic made us realized that being dependent on the medicines and biotech will not be the only solution for it. We have to work more on our DAILY LIFE routine. 3) The most challenging was to bring out a 100% positive result out of the limited time and LIMITED RESOURCES. Several countries even those who has world class medical facilities were not able to tackle the situation. 4) We were busy in a race. A race for success, money, and development. And then this pandemic made us accept that we were so busy in it that we even forgot about our FAMILY members. In this lockdown we realized that how important it is to have responsibilities of our near and dears , who are dependent on us.




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