AI Vision powered Drones


This project aims to eliminate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus completely. It also aims to eliminate any Coronavirus particles present in the environment.


Understanding the nature of Covid-19 is the key to understand the importance of this project. Covid-19 is a very dynamic problem. That means, people are getting infected at an exponential rate. If we compare the speed of virus spread with the speed at which tests are being performed, we can conclude that no matter how fast we go with the testing process, even 1 infected person can still infect hundreds or thousands in a single day. This brings us to the ultimate conclusion, that is, to stop the spread of Covid-19, we must stop it at the same time and for all.


Here’s the plan to implement the above mentioned conclusion. We need a vision that can detect the presence of Coronavirus particles in a living being (Humans, Animals, Pets) and in its surroundings. This vision should be attached in the interior of a drone that has the functionality to fly. This drone should also have a high intensity Red light source attached to it. We need a large number of drones with this vision attached. We will also need sufficient number of police officers for ensuring the effectiveness and hassle-free implementation of this project. We will also need multiple IT teams which will manage the locomotion of drones from one place to the other. We will need tanks containing sanitizers in them. Further, a sufficient number of hospitals need to be established to deal with the growing number of detected positive cases.

The police officers of each city/village will be divided into sufficient number of groups. These groups will travel to each and every locality of their respective city/village and stand ready. They will be signaled by the government at a specific pre-decided time to move further with the plan. Before this specific time, these groups must be ready. On signal, these groups will go in their respective localities, and people should come out of their homes and stand at their home entrances, meanwhile maintaining social distancing. IT team will control the drones as the drones fly in to each locality at around the same time in every city and use their vision to scan the population present in that locality as well as its surrounding air for the presence of Coronavirus.

If a person is infected, the drone will throw red light on that person. If a certain region of air is infected, the drone will torch the infected air region using red light and it will be torched/thrown light at until that region is completely free of Coronavirus particles. This region will then be sanitized using hose pipe connected to sanitizer tank. This process will be carried for each person as well as each locality in every city and hence the entire country at the same time. All people who will be detected with Covid-19 will be sent immediately to ambulance where they will wait for the process to get finished in their locality. Then they will be moved to hospitals where they will be given proper treatment.




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