An opportunity to create a paradigm shift towards individual responsibility for health/wellness

I believe we have a ‚’once in a lifetime‚’ opportunity to reset the health and wellbeing agenda by switching the focus to wellness ‚’ staying well, maintaining optimum health ‚’ and this being the prime responsibility of the individual, though with encouragement and indeed incentivisation from the state.

For many years now, we‚’ve not had a National Health Service so much as a National Sickness Response Service … and, admittedly, an excellent one at that.

But, in terms of economic sustainability as well as a more mature approach to health and wellbeing generally, it is high time for a major paradigm change for the public.

Following the publication of The Wanless Report in 2004, some steps have been made in this direction with the introduction of social prescribing, lifestyle medicine, Couch to 5k Plan and similar digital resources – also the inclusion of complementary therapists, etc within GP Practices.

However, with the NHS now really and truly stretched to capacity and beyond, surely this is the ideal time for each of us (to the extent we can*) to begin to take individual responsibility by making lifestyle choices designed to keep us well and to be actively incentivised to do so ‚’ which over time will yield economic benefits for us all.

One example of commercial incentivisation in this arena is Vitality Health.




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