Apathy in the Education System

During the first lockdown in March 2020, many schools did not have the equipment available to effectively teach online. Students, therefore, missed out on important learning time which has only been exacerbated during the following academic year with the self-isolation of pupils and teachers, and a further two lockdowns. However, the government’s response to this challenge is to increase schools hours while reducing holidays. Their concept of more teaching time ignores the underlying problem Covid-19 has created. Some students have dissociated with their ability to learn.

Pupils stepped into the classroom in September 2020 having missed an entire term of work. Students do not feel responsible for the learning time they have missed and have become apathetic to ensuring they are using their current education effectively. Pupils already see the gaps in their knowledge and feel defeated before they even try to fill the void. The government’s message that an increase in quantity of learning will improve their attainment levels, is damaging to the students who do not know how to effectively learn. This will perpetuate a feeling of defeat in students who spend hours on a topic and come no closer to understanding the content. This will only prove to widen the attainment gap within education failing lower ability students.




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