Art Ventures – using public spaces to engage people with the arts and community

Covid-19 isolated people, separated families, fractured communities and caused a pandemic in mental health issues. Relationships fell apart, parents struggled to keep up with the new stresses and demands, and people are grieving. There was a huge further disconnect in communities regarding what was safe and acceptable or not. Core values competed with issues and questions around trust, truth and validity.

The vibe on the street was fearful, avoidant and untrusting.

In the arts, actors, dancers and musicians lost work, career opportunities and community.

To survive many people started making art and music. Online art stores struggled to keep up with art supplies as people rediscovered the joy and healing in the creative process. Online art therapy workshops proliferated and Grayson Perry’s art club on TV was a lifeline for many. Musicians and singers played together virtually but the physical attunement of real connection and vibe was absent.

Covid-19 showed that in times of adversity people need to engage in the creative processes for mental survival and well-being.




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