Bank of Britain a public owned clearing Bank for all public sector finance

Public sector finance.

For too long Banks have been charging the public sector too much for simple banking services. Fees up to half a million pounds per council per year. Schools, hospitals, charities and care homes also have been charged excessively especially since the banking crisis of 2008 which we still haven’t received much repayment. House prices have doubled since and we still have not received half of the money.

We still own Nat west as part of our share of RBS and it already deals with many councils and government departments, HMRC, M. O. D. Etc. Billions of pounds could be saved over the next decade along with streamlined accounting opportunities spotting fraud and duplication over the public sector.

Welfare payments could also be improved.

The money could still be held in the Bank of Britain personal accounts. I have already been in contact with the prime minister and several chancellors and opposition members along with finance professionals




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