Bringing the Great British Community together in a way that has never been done before

There has been a massive increase in the number of people volunteering across the UK during the pandemic, with local communities coming together to support each other in a way which has not been seen in Britain since WWII. Studies show that coming together with family, and developing the strengths in our local communities, are the two biggest hopes and priorities of the UK population following COVID. Yet thousands who volunteered during the pandemic (for example, those who wanted to support the NHS) were unable to do so due to lack of resources, financial issues or the sheer logistical difficulties involved. Charities, food banks, neighbours, churches, family, people who were total strangers to each other, all gave up their time to help others and found unexpected benefits as a result ‚’ the joy of giving back, improving their local environment, enjoying open spaces, caring for each other and making their community a better place in which to live and work. Just imagine the stunning impact the combined might of all those people would make if all that knowledge, information, expertise, time, strength and passion could be brought together into one place. Equally, imagine how transformative it would be – for both individuals and communities – if everyone could immediately tap into the wealth of resources and support available to help them in their own local communities. Now is the perfect time to create and drive forward a stunning new initiative, ‚’The Great British Community‚’, bringing people, organizations and resources together to maximize the impact of this hugely under-appreciated group of volunteers. Now is the time to focus on improving the lives of every UK citizen, especially as we leave Europe and start to build our own new identity in the world. It is time now to celebrate the bulldog spirit




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