Challenge, Opportunity, Consequences : educating the population in nutrition and lifestyle to reduce NHS demand

The Covid pandemic has presented an unprecedented demand on the NHS. ‚’Long Covid‚’ symptoms are likely to keep NHS demand higher than normal even after the population is vaccinated. There can be no doubt that a healthier population in terms of physical and mental health will reduce the burden on the NHS both now and in the future. Schemes are already in place of course to encourage healthy eating etc. I think this needs to go a step further. I believe nutrition/cooking and lifestyle should be a compulsory subject in the national curriculum of all schools in order to make a significant and quantifiable impact of reducing NHS demand in the longer term. The lifestyle element should include exercise and mindfulness to prevent mental health issues. Nutrition and cookery are self explanatory but should include innovative ways to make quick, tasty and healthy meals as economically as possible. This is an opportunity to educate young to help the NHS in the longer term. As scientific research emerges such as the importance of Vitamin D to maintain a healthy immune system, knowledge like this can be passed on to the next generation.




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