Community Isolation and community support in the pandemic

Some local communities responded to the pandemic lockdown by developing strong support mechanisms for a range of ages and circumstances resulting in better supported local solution that improve sense of safety and wellbeing. Other communities did little leading to greater and avoidable pressures on local health and care services As the mass vaccination programme has been rolled out the whole population access required highlighted a surprisingly large number of people (old, clinically vulnerable and/or disabled) who have not been outside their homes since March 2020 (first lockdown). Like other lessons and observations from the pandemic this is this another indicator, by way of an exacerbation, of a underestimated problem ie of social isolation which we know is present but we don’t know and probably don’t understand the impact at either individual or community level. The historic role of family support has been diluted with modern population movements, in contrast to developing countries.

Submitted on behalf of the Greater Lincolnshire UN Association




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