COVID 19 crises, everyone talking, no one listening

COVID 19 has exposed a gap in health communication. In the past, people easily trusted information given by their Doctors and other health providers. Unfortunately, during the COVID 19 pandemic, there was so much distrust among people concerning their existence of the virus and even preventive measures such as barrier methods and the use of vaccines. This shows that the population has shifted from just mere consumers who accept information to individuals who are literate, and inquisitive and question every information they receive. Unfortunately, some people end up accepting wrong information or fake news about the virus. There has been a lot of conspiracy theories promoting so much false information. This false information about the virus either led to the spread of the virus or prevented people from seeking help like in the case of vaccines. Even though health providers did so much to inform the public about the virus and measures of prevention, there was little success in getting most of the public to accept and adhere to these measures. Some people still found it easier to believe false information. This has shown that a growing number of people no longer believe in the information given even by the Health Care providers. This is a big problem given that COVID 19 may not be the last global health crisis the world may face. This implies that many more people may be affected by future pandemics if the cause of this communication gap is not handled.




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