De-segregate society. The When Tom meets Tony Policy

C-19 has isolated the elderly and placed blame on the young for not caring. So we must desegregate society so that the “them” we criticise are much closer to the “us” that we all seek to protect, at every point in our lives. That many “young” don’t care about the elderly dying is because they have lost touch with and respect for what “family” and “age” is. They have not interacted enough with older and elderly people to realise that that is where they themselves are heading, i.e towards an old age. The challenge is to bring together systems that we currently separate into silos in a way that lets children see and work beside the elderly in a natural way. We need to facilitate the elderly to communicate and assist with the young as they grow and learn as a natural part of their daily lives and their aging process. Use the fact that Captain Tom Moore inspired a 5 yr old to walk again as the banner to the importance of this policy




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