Death of the High Street as a result of a surge in online shopping

The seemingly unstoppable rise in online shopping – for all the reasons we know about; ease, choice, and mainly, price – began before the pandemic but has been exacerbated by it. It has now become a long-term shopping habit.

The majority of on-line sales, whilst stocked and delivered in the UK, are ‘invoiced’ from low-tax countries, leading to minimal tax take for the UK finances.

Additionally, the surge of deliveries leads to wear and tear on the roads, an increase in air pollution and a surge in waste recycling or landfill.

This in turn has led to the demise of traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers, firstly the smaller independents taken by supermarkets and ‘department’ stores in large shopping malls.

Recent losses include the Arcadia Brands and other well known flagship retailers




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