Direct soft sea power aid projection while maintaining levels of readiness for desaster relief

Currently the UK has some naval assets that are not fit for front line combat duties. The UK also has excellent military and naval engineers that are kept in a highly trained state to be able to deal with crises if they occur. It could be possible to marry these together with UK based engineering facilities to create a kind of mobile aid flotilla with a stock of ready to assemble systems for the quick assembly of infrastructure and buildings. There is sufficient expertise to deploy several flotillas that could sail on a type of goodwill tour near areas known to experience seasonal natural events that may require immediate aid and infrastructure support which could be rendered directly from the supplies carried by these flotillas. If no such events occur during the good will portion of the tour then other defined projects could be undertaken with the prefabricated elements carried within the flotillas directly helping communities (coastal) around the world and leaving a lasting legacy from green power plants to bridges to ports etc. Such activities would be in line with the UK’s stated desired to help developing countries and be funded from the foreign aid budget while using UK produced prefabricated parts and maintaining the training of UK forces as the required deployment could draw staff from all branches of UK uniformed services.

Such an approach to projecting british values and engineering would have to be supported where necessary through diplomatic activities and operational endowments and local training to operate and use the resultant legacy constructions. This would clearly allow for direct aid bypassing several issues currently garnering negative publicity such as corruption and missuse of funds and allow the UK population as a whole to see local value to the overseas aid (through local fabrication and provision of the necessary supplies for the constructions) and worldwide value from these gifts from the British people in line with our value system.




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