Due to Covid -19, governments around the world have had to go on lockdown, a situation which has adversely affected economies respectively. In current and post Covid -19 crises, it is imperative that Governments ,around the world, initiate an Electronic One Stop Shop and Single Entry Portal for all Government services. The actualization of this initiative cannot come at a better time than this when the world is facing the Covid -19 pandemic which discourages human to human interaction.

Governments will require to embrace the new normal thus, adapt to new ways of doing business without disrupting service delivery to its citizens. Governments will need to embrace the new normal of embracing technology and electronic platforms to provide services to citizens in a safe manner, whilst adhering to their respective national health guidelines. On a Single Entry Portal, residents, and non-residents should have access to the following essential services on E-One Stop Shop:

1. Department of Road transport and communication – (road tax )

2. Department of education ‚’ remote access to classes

3. Department of Health ‚’ remote access to health services

4. Department of Home affairs (home office)- remote access to services

5. Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry ‚’ E-commerce with home deliveries

6. Department of Tourism ‚’remote access to services

All services should have a Payment Gate away and instant receipts issued to registered user email address / and or instant download option. Whilst embracing the new normal in post covid-19, governments and citizens will have the following social and economic benefits:

ÔÇß 24/7/365 Access to digital public services

ÔÇß Real time digital payments

ÔÇß Reduced processing time for services

ÔÇß Increase public service revenue collection

ÔÇß Prompt banking of government funds

ÔÇß Reduce leakages in accounting for public resources

ÔÇß Increased regulatory compliance




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