Early Intervention to raise education outcomes of poorest children and reduce school exclusions

All over the UK, children are struggling in school for all kinds of reasons and many families are suffering without hope. The effects of bullying, bereavement, family breakdown, poverty or being in the care system can have a huge impact on a child’s education outcomes. Some children may be struggling with a lack of confidence, have no positive role models, or just need an adult to talk to. In the latest data available, there were 36,000 primary-aged children excluded in one school year, with 4,000 of these exclusions being children under the age of 6. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the less well-off in the UK disproportionally both economically, in terms of their health and educationally. It is highly likely that education outcomes of the poorest children in our society will diminish if we do not take positive action now. The opportunity is to support and invest in early intervention programmes which have been shown to positively influence young children‚’s lives in the early school years.




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