Eat to live – bring back Domestic Science in Secondary Schools

Covid-19 has highlighted how physically unfit a large chunk of the UK population is to cope with such a catastophe. There is an old saying ‘you are what you eat’. Individuals do not exercise enough, but they do not eat well either. Successive governments have tried in vain to change this. This pandemic offers the ideal opportunity to tackle this. There is no ‘quick fix’ but the change has to start in childhood and it will take a generation or two to put this right. Firstly, bring back Domestic Science in Secondary Schools and make it part of the curicculum from age 11 – 14 for boys and girls. This subject encompasses not only cooking from basics but home management skills and hygiene. So many adult memories are forged within life at Secondary School and personally I have continually referred back to my Domestic Science lessons during my adult life to make the most basic of meals from fresh ingredients. Once learned, these skills and know-how can be passed on down the generations. Babies and young children could be brought up on fresh ingredients fed to them at proper meal times. The Nation will never fully break away from convenience foods now but this small change could inspire young people to eat to live rather that live to eat.




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