Education after the pandemic

COVID-19 gave people a different perspective of life in every situation. It showed people how we spend our lives is important and how we were before the pandemic was not benefitting as much as we thought. For example, we as people go to school, go to university and then get a job. But the pandemic showed us having a job is not the securest thing, as many people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Which is when I realised a change in our education system is needed. They should propose more real-life situations and tell us that most successful people are not always the smartest intellectually but know how to deal with themselves financially. COVID-19 showed us how many people didn’t know how to deal with financial struggles which is why I am proposing it should be added to education system and tell us from a young age having one secure job is not always safe. But having many multiple income sources is smarter. However, I’m not saying the education system is bad because there are benefits, they do help us wider our opportunities and bring jobs, but it can be improved




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