Effective Development and Acquisition of IT Solutions

The Track and Trace app appears to have cost in excess of ¬£25m and the result is disappointing from a number of points of view. It certainly isn’t value for money, which illustrates a recurring theme with Government IT projects.

The Government used to have the CCTA (in the 70s) which provided excellent central IT control and support to government departments. The key to this excellence was the quality of the staff. Much of the current cost comes from the simple fact that the best analysis and IT people don’t work for the Government, there is no career opportunity, interest or appropriate salary there. As a result, Government uses outside consultancies and organisations, which gives rise to huge and unnecessary costs.

It seems that IT costs across government are in excess of £2bn.

The opportunity is to create a World Class IT Agency within Government to ensure that all Government IT solutions are fit for purpose, value for money and delivered to plan and budget.




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