Employment problems highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic

A key challenge presented by the Covid-19 pandemic has been the disruption of the normal pattern of life as a result of the need to lockdown and close many businesses and facilities, those not considered to be essential. This has a great effect on the individual, the family, and Society as a whole.

Many have lost their employment, or business, been unable to continue paying bills, and even with the generous and unprecedented financial support provided by the Government, in various ways such as the furlough scheme (that helps employers to keep their workforce on their books) there are many that have had to close down completely.

Not only has this caused a tremendous strain on our National economy, it has scarred the lives of many, causing great anxiety and loss of confidence, a sense of hopelessness and despair.

It is important that the challenges we face as a United Kingdom can be viewed as also presenting us with an opportunity to re-think how we do things, to develop a better system for harnessing our greatest resource, our people, enabling them to participate in a more inclusive, reliable, fair, and secure system of employment. We have an opportunity now to reshape our wealth-creating, talent-using, fulfilling and our productive working experiences – developing present achievements further, and creating tasks and technologies appropriate to this 21st Century – especially those that can help us to repair and protect our planet, and enable all the World to benefit from the outcomes of our gift for innovation.

Covid-19 has given us time to stop and think, to reflect, to appreciate what really matters, to give more support to those on whom we have depended for health and the continuity of services, on our priorities, and how to best to provide employment for all.




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