Enabling creative sector innovation and growth

Prior to the pandemic the creative sector was the second highest sector in the economy, contributing ¬£101.5bn GVA. Additionally it was the fastest growing employment sector. And contributed to British ‘soft power’ around the globe. The creative sector is a broad church ranging from gaming, tv and other screen based industries to dance, theatre, art, design and advertising.

It is frequently overlooked, under-regarded or even sneered at by policy makers, by government, by industry and the City.

During the pandemic it was the creative sector that kept us all entertained, inspired and informed.

Yet with 95% of its personnel working either freelance or in micro companies, this enormous engine within our economy has been brought to its knees.

However we now know how vital this sector is to all of us, even if many don’t ‘see’ it with clarity within the economy.

As we go through the next months and on to recovery from the pandemic, there is a huge opportunity to build a better ecosystem for the creative industries that recognises its contribution to both the economy as well as society, that supports its growth and develops Britain as an even greater creative power house within the global economy.

Much of the creative sector’s output can be delivered digitally – thereby ensuring a greener output, can contribute to UK wealth without trade barriers and allows the UK’s rich ability for innovation and maverick thinking to help generate exponential revenues. It is also a sector that young people – our next generation – thrive within.

(All facts from the Creative Industries Federation report – pls request a copy if you would like one.)




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