Fast and Reliable delivery of goods for those on isolation

One of the biggest challenges has been to get food delivery slots. With so many people having to isolate, it raises questions whether they are still going to the shops to buy essentials. The risk is: unnecessary exposure of other people to a contaminated vector. And therefore increasing the risk of spreading the virus quickly. A possible solution would be to redeploy drivers and people with driving licence to cooperate with the supermarkets in order to provide food for those on isolation. With more slots available, at a fee, people could have their shopping without having to leave their houses. I understand those services are available, but they are not effective at the moment. With the number of unemployment rising this would be a great opportunity to support the community and also get paid for it. This is a matter of looking at the resources available, and make them be useful to the population. This could also be disseminated in the media, such as TV, radio and internet to inform people that when they are isolating they must not leave their houses. And at the same time the advertisement would provide information about a reliable, quick and efficient service of acquiring all the necessary goods for a price.

The service could be extended to healthcare and social workers that cannot have available slots in the supermarkets.




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