Five opportunities and challenges

Not one, but five, and all linked by the solution‚’

Millions of adults are now working in the heart of their local communities, next to schools, nurseries, care-homes, and shelters. This new home-working army contains a wealth of creative and sporting talent with the potential to act as coaches, instructors, or performers. This could be to supplement their income or simply for enjoyment.

At this age, children should be discovering talents, pursuing interests, building friendships, and learning how to enjoy rich and varied lives. Without intervention this generation may be less creative, have fewer talents and interests, be more prone to mental health issues, and lack the rich network of community bonds that helps build resilience.

The pandemic is causing the biggest shift in the make-up of our economy since the second world war. The stimulation package needed to avoid long-team unemployment will determine the nature of this economy and the society in which it sits. It will do this this by deciding the supply chains that take-root, grow and strengthen until they sustain a natural demand. This is a once in a generation opportunity to redirect the British labour force towards productive and fulfilling employment that transforms British life and re-forges local communities.

The Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector has been hardest hit by the pandemic. The recovery should ensure theatres, pottery clubs, dance-schools, guitar teachers and off-road bike trail centres benefit from the recovery so that we avoid the loss of this life-enhancing and community-enriching sector.

The pandemic has accelerated the demise of the retail-focussed high-street. To avoid a downward spiral of empty shops, unappealing high-streets and rent collapses a new vision for our urban centres is needed and an economic stimulation package designed to facilitate the transition.




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