From Pandemic to Academic

The COVID_19 pandemic has led to a rapid increase in unemployment which has disproportionately effected those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and without traditional qualifications. Many of those currently unemployed had disengaged with education at a young age before they could understand its value. Often this disengagement is the result of economic or aspirational poverty. In a society that often confuses intelligence with education, “from Pandemic to Academic,” would provide a route into higher education for those who had not previously considered university as an option open to them. It would take the form of a short (12 week) Bridging Module, delivered at universities, basing the development of academic skills and critical-thinking on the lived-experience of those who participate. Passing the course, which would culminate in two written Level 4 assignments marked by university tutors, would be perceived as non-traditional access to Higher Education and provide participants with the opportunity to apply for degree courses.




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