Fuel Poverty in the U.K

As with many inequalities in the U.K the COVID ‚’ 19 pandemic has highlighted pockets of hidden poverty all over the U.K. As we enter the coldest months of the year energy bills increase to an unaffordable level for many families in the U.K. This is an issue which hits the most vulnerable in society the hardest, those whom have already have felt the impacts of COVID ‚’ 19 acutely with the loss of work. Fuel poverty is a complex issue, some of these problems include:

– Lack of any central heating system.

– Use of expensive fuel (Oil, Electric, LPG gas) which is also detrimental to the environment.

– Lack of efficient insulation and windows.

Attempts to tackle fuel poverty have been attempted in policy with the introduction schemes like the NEST and Warm Home Discount scheme. I argue this scheme simply do not go far enough, especially as we are expected to stay at home instead of going to heated schools and work places, inevitably increasing the energy bills. The reality is that even with these schemes ,having a warm house with a reliable electric connection is unachievable for many. This impacts so many from; children attempting to learn from home to elderly people unable to heat their homes, which has a detrimental impact on their health. As we are expected to spend more time at home and many employers consider to switching to ‚’working from home‚’ business models in the future it is essential to address this issue.




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