Halting the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads

Our country has a serious problem with the high level of traffic on the roads; this has been noticeably eased during the Covid restrictions. More than 38 million cars are registered; adding the goods lorries, vans and motor bikes it isn‚’t surprising that we meet traffic jams and that our journeys take longer than we would wish. Every year we spend millions of pounds building and improving the road system. There is significant noxious gas pollution from exhausts which, coupled with the microscopic particles coming from tyre and brake wear, all pose a serious health threats to us all, young and old.

It would be an exciting and easily saleable idea to put a stop to any further increase of vehicle numbers, by stabilising the total to its present level. This would limit further congestion problems, prevent any increase in pollution and undoubtedly improve the health of the nation.




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