Harnessing new attitudes towards online learning to promote life skills for university education

The impact of restricted learning since the onset of the pandemic will undermine the education of secondary and sixth-form students for several years. The negative impact will be not only on achievements in 16 to 18 school qualifications but and most importantly on the extent to which students may be adequately prepared for their lives and studies at university. Providing adequate preparations for university education has long been a problem for many schools and colleges. The pandemic crisis has caused additional and immense problems for students as they prepare for university. However, the crisis has also revealed that online learning (despite its shortcomings evident when contrasted with face-to-face learning) may be delivered efficiently and most effectively.

This is the opportunity which may now be seized.

A group (backed by policy makers) creating the required resources would make an enormous difference to the success of students when they start their university careers, without the significant costs of online learning schemes put in place during the early phases of the pandemic.




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