Health of Schooling Children

A key opportunity presented by the Pandemic would be the reduction of health problems due to lockdowns being imposed. America is notorious for obesity, and is mocked internationally, but Europe and especially the UK are not that much well off in terms of obesity as obesity rates have been increasing across the world, regardless of economic status. Obesity is dangerous because it plays a role in increasing the risk of developing chronic illnesses and can drastically reduce life expectancy. But due to the lockdown, there has been a greater emphasis on health and well being and workout videos on YouTube have taken off such as ‘Chloe Ting’. I personally have seen lots of improvement in my strength and have had less trouble with my endurance.

Additionally, people aren’t able to eat out as often due to a loss of income and lockdown, and with food delivery services being expensive, more people are being made to buy groceries and cook more of their own meals, allowing them to have greater control over their diet. Kids not being able to go to school means that there is less chances for children to eat junk food at school without the knowledge of their parents. The Lockdown has set a great precedent for health of children and we can let that go to waste when life does eventually return due to normal and we should instead seize the opportunity to maintain a high standard of health and ensure that the future generation have less problems with their body. Preventing this potential disaster with greater emphasis will pay astronomical dividends in the amount of money that can be potentially be saved by the NHS due to lower number of patients with chronic illnesses and eve the mental well being of people due to fitness.




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