How to capitalise on new work from home environments while strengthening economy and community

Covid 19 highlighted the need to feel connected to family, friends, colleagues and communities. As the world embraced the ‚’work from home‚’ lifestyle as a reaction to the pandemic, many people felt isolated from the lack of regular social interactions and they missed the small personal exchanges with their colleagues that happen daily in an office environment. At the same time many found this new working environment was extremely beneficial. Businesses realised they could shrink overheads by reducing office size and employees realised that without travel they could move to less populated parts of the country and improve their living conditions through more space, proximity nature, and free time to focus on family and personal responsibilities, not to mention the environmental benefits from a reduction in travel. With these multitude of benefits that a work from home environment offers this new work condition is sure to stay. As a nation, we must look for opportunities to capitalise on the social desires of this new working environment and use that to strengthen the social fibre and economies that surround this new work from home phenomenon.




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