How to get to interview and get that job!

During the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. Many industries have been forced to contract or close, putting many out of work. Self employed people have seen their businesses dry up. In addition, those entering the job market are finding it more competitive than ever.

Attending interviews is , and will continue to be, a key part of candidate selection, whether these interviews are held remotely or face to face. For many parents with young children at home, arranging childcare in order to attend interviews is very difficult. Even if interviews are conducted remotely, childcare is essential if a parent is to concentrate on the interview.

Although some nurseries are open, they are unlikely to offer a drop in service, which these parents would need. Some parents might need a home babysitter in order to free them up for interview. Others may need school age children taken to , or collected from school.

The challenge is to provide appropriate, accessible and affordable short term childcare to enable people to engage with job selection processes and get the nation working again. Being in work provides a financial and morale boost to individuals and could restart the economy.




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