Improving Communities through increasing resilience by facilitating community spirit.

Covid-19 has laid bare the disproportionate effects that critical emergencies can have upon different communities in the UK. Some appear to cope better than others. With a variety of challenges facing the United Kingdom in the future including increasing risk of disruption from natural disasters (or pandemics!), extreme weather events and social polarization, the governments and councils of the day are met by more demands and less resources.

What Covid-19 has shown is that the people of United Kingdom are willing to stand up and be counted, harnessing that is key.

The Solution: Creating resilient, connected communities through the provision of central government support and statutory body liaison but locally organised and cordinated resilience groups, designed to identify, and prepare for supporting their communities through local people taking ownership of their needs. Ownership of the community, by the community. Improving resilience, through national, local and statutory support (rather than direction) should improve community relationship with the latter bodies but also within itself as a natural conduit to bring people together at the grassroots of society. This in turn should lead to more prosperous and secure communities.




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