Improving the benefits system to support people with long term disabilities and health conditions

A key challenge from the COVID 19 pandemic has been the pressure om the benefits system, as unfortunately thousands pf people have lost their jobs. As a result, there has been more people claiming benefits and there has been more pressure on DWP. As you may be aware, most awards of PIP or universal Credit last for a maximum period of 2 years only. So, since the move UC and PIP, a person with long term condition or disability, must re-apply for support ever year or so. Even if there, is clear and indisputable medical evidence that a person’s disability or condition is indefinite, meaning it will not improve over time. They instead must supply the exact same medical evidence on a regular basis. Which for many, it can be a humiliating and laborious process. The concept of ensuring that a person meets the criteria, for the financial aid, they are claiming is completely reasonable, as a fraudulent claim cost the UK taxpayer thousands. So, every claim must be accurately assessed to ensure that they claimant is being truthful. But the process could be less daunting to those with complex disabilities if the conditions of the interview better support them. It maybe more helpful for claimants to request that their medical representative is present during the interview to make submission on their behalf and better explain any long-term medical conditions of the claimant on their behalf. If the panel comes to the judgment, the claimant doesn’t have a indefinite long term condition, then they must re-apply as they do presently. If the Panel comes to the judgment, that a person’s disability or condition, will not improve indefinitely then they should advise that DWP, awards PIP or UC for a long-term period.




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