Increased rough sleeping and increased litter as a result of the pandemic

One of the economic consequences of the pandemic has been an increase in homelessness and rough sleeping (Streetlink reports a 76% increase in rough sleeping in London).Homelessness results in degradation,despair and dramatically reduced life expectancy.The average age of death for a rough sleeper is 47 compared to 77 for the population as a whole.

According to the CPREnand Keep Britain Tidy the pandemic has also resulted in an increase in litter due to an increased consumption of takeaway food , an increase in outdoor eating and to the wearing of face masks.30 million tonnes of litter are collected from our streets every year at a cost of £1 billion (2015) 81% of councils have reported increasing their spending on litter collection in 2020.

The solution to the second problem could also be the solution to the first. Remarkably both problems could potentially be solved at little or no cost to the public purse.




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