Intensification of unequal bargaining powers and inequalities in earning power.

The Pandemic has intensified cost pressures on all site-based employers and as a result many workers have suffered furloughs and redundancies. This has meant many people whilst even though being paid a percentage of their earning by the employer and government the wage is insufficient to save them falling into poverty. Certain sectors have suffered more than others namely hospitality, Leisure, Hotel industry, Travel, Retail, etc. The workforce in these fields, under normal circumstances, were earning very basic wages, leaving hardly any residual money to save and with hardly any savings to tie them over the tough challenging times. This lack of financial resilience when going through tough economic periods puts them into a poverty trap and they become victims through economic duress. Whilst there are many ethical and responsible organisations with very equitable Terms and Conditions for their employees, there are also others that are not that sensitive to the lower earning workforce and there has been a rise in poverty over the last 10 years but the recent pandemic has significantly worsened this position.

We need statutory protection for the poor and the vulnerable where they cannot be exploited or become victims of economic predators or become victims of slave labour.




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