Is Lockdown as bad as people say, or is it exactly what we needed?

On the 23rd of April 2020, the BBC reported that blue skies had been seen over Delhi, wild animals had been sighted roaming deserted cities and Carbon dioxide emissions had gone down 5-10% in New York and 25% in china. Fossil fuel companies weren‚’t in action and virtually nobody was flying. 2020 will go down in history books as one of the worst years in history, due to catastrophic loss of life, financial instability, and a raging epidemic of boredom among teenagers. However, clearly there is good news. We have been handed the opportunity to stop and think, a luxury so rare in today‚’s busy world. Although sadly these dips in emissions will surely bounce back to where they were and continue to rise, this can be a sign of hope. Now that there is an end of the pandemic in sight in the UK and around the world as more vaccines are being approved and rolled out, moving on and never looking back would be a foolish move. Part of me believes those who have got through the pandemic unscathed are incredibly fortunate for a number of reasons, we have been presented with countless opportunities, we have been able to witness the course of evolution first-hand, in reference to the number of COVID variants seen in south Africa, we have gained a crucial perspective about what truly matters. It is imperative that we make use of this perspective in future, we can be under no illusions that the future of our planet‚’s wellbeing is in our hands; and now that we have seen the positive effect we can have our environment, we can no doubt take action as soon as possible. It is my firm belief that this is the single most crucial opportunity COVID time has presented us.




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