Issuing a Corona Bond to ease the National Debt

Due to compulsory restrictions placed on the British people over the last nine months there have been significant but necessary curtailments in personal spending.

Namely huge reductions of splash out disposable spending on luxuries like restaurants,pubs,clothes,new cars,petrol and holidays in the UK and abroad etc.

As a result there are now many sheltering UK residents especially older ones who have been able to hoard large nest eggs of unspent income.

Certainly recipients of state and work pensions have certainly not endured a drop in their income during this crisis.

No doubt an unfair situation compared to the hardships and uncertainties inflicted on the younger working population.

In these unprecedented times why can’t the government set up a fund (a bond issue ?) which could be temporary and invite citizens of all ages to donate to help ease the huge national deficit caused by the pandemic.

You could market it,even in a fun way, to appeal to people’s sense of community.

Think of a catchy slogan.

eg. Giving back to Britain,The old giving the young.

Say £200 per donation minimum would not be too much to aim for.Would it?

You can count me in when it starts.




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