It’s Time to Think for Teenagers

The pandemic has revealed the vulnerable condition of teenagers. Economy almost came to a halt and most of the households were in need of money to live. Some were compelled to be without education, some to leave books and to seek for earning opportunities. Depression had its unlimited waves, not less dangerous than COVID-19 itself. This scenario is a lesson of the fact that teenagers can also be a productive part of the society and theoretical knowledge is somewhat useless unless it is applied. When adversity begins, the stigma, the false sense of dignity and the idea that the knowledge of teenagers should be deposited for application to generate a huge profit when they become more or less 25 years old, no longer remains valid. The economic engagement and possession of necessary skills & adaptability being out of their comfort zones should be ensured for every teenager. Knowledge is not something to be in the bank vault; rather it’s something that should breed skills to be applied in life. Segregation from economic activities, being unable to pay for own things, dependence on others to explore in life, lack of power to be a self-regulator and remaining unemployable for quite a long period of time are at the root of the evils teenagers suffer from. The expansion of digital technology and the scope of inclusion have shown the possibility of remote working, getting quality & life-oriented education and having financial strength. The pandemic has decelerated and in some cases, stopped the conventional working process. After the pandemic is over, underdeveloped communities may think of being back to the conventional process while privileged ones may follow a hybrid procedure on online & offline. The process of inclusion will be disrupted and discrimination on economic background & access to necessary amenities may rise.




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