Just who should benefit first from the vaccination roll out

Key challenge is to decide who would benefit most from the vaccination roll out. At the moment we appear to be sacrificing a whole generation to an ageing population.

Understandably the government cannot be seen to be callous but it is time to be realistic. Whilst recognising the new variant of COVID-19 we should play on strengths not weaknesses and so the priority for vaccinations needs to be re considered urgently.

Of the top 4 groups the first vaccinations should be given to health and care workers and frontline workers (including teachers) and others dealing with the public. We need to keep schools/colleges/universities open and those who are in employment working but they need to be able to function on another level too. Man is not meant to live in isolation.

Mental health issues are snowballing at an alarming rate ‚’ support on the NHS was already far too slow.

The elderly and vulnerable should unfortunately have to wait for their vaccinations and be on full lockdown. Supported as explained in part 2.




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