Key challenge: educate school children consistently (now and long term) to raise standards for all

My former career was in consultancy and more recently I have retrained to teach and am a school Governor. Given my background as a consultant, it was impossible training to teach without finding opportunities to improve the education system. It was blatantly obvious to me then and particularly now during the pandemic that there is a way for all school children to be educated with more consistency (to reduce inequality). Let me explain… There is the same curriculum across the country for all subjects at all levels whether Key Stage 1 Maths or Edexcel GCSE Geography for example. Yet every teacher across the country spends considerable time ‚’planning‚’ for each lesson they deliver and therefore standards vary considerably. Not only is this a duplication of work many thousands of times over but the quality of the lesson will be inconsistent. An exemplar lesson plan could be provided to every school for every subject at every level. The advantages : 1. This provides consistent, high quality teaching to all; 2. Teachers can focus on delivering high quality teaching, adapting as necessary, but focusing on high quality delivery; 3. Should there be another epidemic or pandemic, staff shortage or otherwise, lessons could even be delivered effectively this way by a teaching assistant or even a parent; 4. In practice, at least 20% (usually much more) of a teacher‚’s time is spent planning. Most schools insist that lessons are delivered by slides/online presentations. Numerous slides are needed for just one lesson. There are strict guidelines about the presentation and format of these slides, even down to colours and font used. This is not a good use of a teacher‚’s time when exemplar slides could be available. Reducing this burden will help resolve teacher retention; 5. Raise standards in education for all.




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