Learn And Qualify In The Virtual World Of Work-Place Scenarios and Challenges, Being Tested On

Given the current economic and societal challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, training opportunities within the workplace are likely to decrease, as company profit margins reduce. This will have a further impact on the labour force’s skill levels, and the inequality of opportunities amongst the young will increase. Having recently completed the CIPD HR training as part of my professional development, my belief has been reinforced that children and adults who have not had the following opportunities, need to be better prepared for the demands of the workplace which will provide them with more opportunities as well as support businesses moving forward. Even with 1st Class degrees, my children with dyslexia and dyspraxia wished they had a more work skills approach at their skills to help with their development. With a more 360 introduction approach to a workplace environment, skills challenges, understanding our skills and abilities from an early age would aid so many people from every type of background to help hone their talent to success. I feel with a neuro-diversity approach linked in with a liner lineage approach would align a wider diverse population thereby more of a ‘catch all to benefit’ approach. I have drafted a whole proposal.




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