Let’s start from scratch and keep scratching

The biggest challenge for Africans on the continent is access to reliable internet, this is really made worse by the fact that we are living in the age of “information overload” and “fake news”. It is very important to understand that promoting new ways of doing things such as “working from home ideas to ed-tech solutions” means nothing to a people that we already struggling with the old ways. The promotion of 5G and the 4th Industrial revolution by developed countries is far-fetched to a continent that still struggles to provide 3G internet.

The solution is to start by creating a platform that allows people to learn how to install and access wifi cheaply, and this means finding solutions in collaboration with satellite companies that are focused on providing internet to the most remote places in the world. it is important to also change the curriculum in many schools in Africa that are not focused on future jobs. the future of the “3rd World” is in realizing that covid has presented us the opportunity to reflect on our needs and stop trying to copy developed countries and their focus. We absolutely do not need self-driving cars but we could do with electric public transport. We do not need drones to deliver groceries but for them to deliver medicine.




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