Liking unused assets and infrastructure to a way of restarting the economy and jobs

The continuing Corona virus situation and the lockdown has changed the way we live and work. Working from home means new way of working. Businesses are divesting themselves of the two most expensive parts of their operation, staff and their property overheads. The Key challenge is to link together the valuable unused assets and infrastructure of this nation to a way of getting them re-used in a different way so as to address the unemployment problems and the housing shortage. We are not likely to return to the old ways of working, now that use of the Internet has shown companies that they can operate better with their staff working from home. Also this has made for much happier staff since they have a much better work/home balance. At the same time there has been a thinning out of available jobs which has created an increase in unemployment, being 5.1% at the latest count. It is mainly the young who have been worst affected, Society is closing in. The gap between those who have and those who have not is widening. This will only increase the housing shortage and is causing the dichotomy of people’s need to work and the increasingly unutilised assets and infrastructure in our towns which are now dormant. A crisis is on its way.




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