Linkage of Global Warming with pandemics and lack of expertise in UK building insulation

The pandemic has been identified as a symptom in the system of human destruction of habitats and ecosystems. It highlights the issue and is one of the significant outcomes of a lack of progress in this evolving process.

In the UK, more extreme weather patterns are being experienced with colder winters and warmer summers. Residential and commercial buildings are now not fit for purpose in many respects, but particularly in being environmentally friendly.

Although energy ratings are now part of home marketing, their value is very limited. They are estimates of assessed situations and are not produced by experts in energy conservation. Similarly, building contractors who undertake ‘improvement’ work using Green Home Grants do not have any qualifications/accreditation in building/construction, never mind about energy conservation. Often they make things worse through a lack of understanding or experience with construction materials and methods.

The significant challenge is to develop the necessary infrastructure to turn this around effectively and quickly. Elsewhere in the world there are experts who have completed the necessary accredited training to accurately measure energy efficiency and report on this with recommended improvement measures.

Surely with the significant advantage that UK science offers, there is an opportunity to reset and transform this field quickly and effectively. This is not only desirable and feasible but now imperative for future human progress.




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