Make air pollution a visible problem rather than an invisible one.

Recent research shows that areas with high levels of air pollution also have high levels of Covid deaths (Travaglio, 2021). But as so often happens when discussing air pollution, rather than gain much momentum, the topic just seems to …evaporate‚’ When people are asked whether air pollution is a problem, they always answer ‚’yes!‚’. However, unprompted, they rarely mention it (Defra, 2018). One of the reasons that social scientists think this is, is because most air pollution is invisible (Bickerstaff, 2004). If we can‚’t see it, we don‚’t think about it, and we carry on contributing to it by driving our car. But we can‚’t afford to ignore it. The UK has the highest level of children with asthma in the world. London is more polluted than New York. And most of this pollution is caused by cars. We need to educate people so that they know that not only does the air pollution they cause have a terrible effect on children‚’s lungs, it also damages their own lungs. One way of doing this is to help them see the effects.




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