Make “duty of care” an integral part of all public policy

How many times have you noticed a glitch, a gap or an operational mistake that means you feel less safe or means that others might be exposed to more risk because of it? Maybe it‚’s a way that people‚’s behaviour is encouraged to be less safe. Maybe an individual puts you at risk by their behaviour? Maybe it‚’s the way the architecture of a building makes it less safe. Perhaps you remark on it to a friend, maybe you come up with a simple solution, but chances are the premises or the service that‚’s made the mistake doesn‚’t get to hear from you. What if we changed that with a community-wide, company-wide, council-wide policy of ‚’Duty of Care (DoC)‚’? What if there was a way for you to comment on what you‚’ve observed that goes directly to the people who make the decisions? What if there was an incentive to do this ‚’ like small rewards or vouchers? And a reporting function that told the story of what you observed and the result of what you fed back? And that this began to bring back the sense, more widely, of the duty of care that we all owe one another ‚’ to keep each other safe and to constantly review our surroundings so that we remain as safe as possible. And then this duty of care permeated even more widely through our society and care for others began to mean that into the future we make decisions in all walks of life that care for us by caring for our planet too? A future where we are all DoCs?




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