Making education available to the masses easily and at a fair level.

I feel that it could be so easily (and economically) made fair across the board and accessible for the majority of people. If a TV channel was assigned for each year group, and daily lessons televised in the same format and timetable as would be used in school, you would only technically require one set of teachers. Lessons could be recorded in an actual classroom to give a feeling of normality and access to the usual equipment etc for demonstrations. One set of worksheets and timetables could be emailed (or posted to those without access) to all children and then each school could just have their own teachers available for questions if required either through online chat or a call. They wouldn’t all be under pressure to be sending out separate workloads from each individual school, freeing up a lot of time and expense (and avoiding a lot of stress) and they would have time for admin, supporting students with questions, marking work etc. As the government’s TV broadcaster of choice is the BBC it could also be easily accessible on iPlayer for those who need a recap or miss any time with sickness or medical appointments. Everyone would receive the same education, from the same teacher, at the same time. They could even make sure that every pupil in the country was benefitting from the best level of teaching available, as they could choose the best teachers and only need one per subject. If anything, some pupils would be getting a better level of education than they do at their own school. I know some don’t have access to the internet (although I see there are schemes available to help with that now) but I don’t know of many without a TV, and those with more than one child who do have internet access could use iPlayer for multiple children if that was a possibility. I see they have started putting a couple of hours a day of ‘educational programmes’ on, but this really doesn’t take the place of actual lessons as such, and I’ll be honest, I tried watching a couple of random ‘Bitesize’ shows and I couldn’t get on with it as an adult, let alone expect my kids to stare at that orange background and mind numbing subjects. But if this is possible then I don’t see any reason why it isn’t doable to go that step further and introduce a full ‘school day’ on there instead. I do really think that it could be a good way to get everyone on the same train, ease the pressure on both schools and parents, and I feel it could be pretty easily executed (definitely easier than what the schools and parents are currently struggling through!). It could even be an opportunity long term after the pandemic for those with physical access issues, for homeschooling support, for those with issues such as disability, bullying, hospitalisation, even children who have been suspended etc. Maybe areas with limited school spaces or new developments where enough class space isn’t available yet. Or even future pandemics or similar (never say never, at least hopefully we’ll learn from this time around and get it right if we have another!) Please excuse the grammar and bullet point-rambling feel to my answer, I have a baby asleep on my arm, a small boy chatting in my ear and bouncing on my shoulder, and I’m definitely glad my kids aren’t old enough to need me to remember anything I did in secondary school in the current circumstances!




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